The Mondays Return

A new non-invasive approach to treating "The Mondays" - January 2016 edition:

Until this point there has been no good treatment for The Mondays.  Now, at The SculpSure Center of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, we can treat The Mondays with a special offer every Monday which alternates monthly.  Look forward to your Monday with an exclusive offer with your quick 25min treatment which can be done during a short break from work.  To learn more about symptoms of The Mondays CLICK HERE.

January 2016 offer for The Mondays:

When you schedule your SculpSure procedure with us on a Monday during the month of January 2016, you will receive a $50 credit towards any future treatments*.  Nothing like a good deal to start the week right!

*Offer valid for 1 year


Stay tuned for next month's offer!

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